2022 Spring Update

2022 Spring Update

2022 Spring Update 481 225 Joe Pliska

“God cannot give us peace and happiness apart from Himself, because there is no such thing.”  –  C.S. Lewis

Spring Travels
It has been another Proverbs 16:9 type of season, but we are grateful for the way God encourages and sustains his children, as referenced in the C.S. Lewis quote above. We’ve found this to be the case these last few months as God has continually met our needs and blessed us with more church partners. Our travels in March started out in western Kentucky and ended last Sunday in western Kentucky. We left Kentucky in March for meetings in Mobile, AL, then north-central Florida. The plan afterwards was to head up to Detroit for a missions conference, followed by a few weeks in North Carolina. While we were in Alabama, we had to make an itinerary change and head up to Oklahoma instead. Graciously, I was able to fly out to the Michigan missions conference, and the meetings we missed have only been postponed. The time spent with family in Oklahoma was well worth the change in our original plans.

Summer Plans
It’s been eight years since the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, KY was built, and we finally got around to seeing it this Memorial Day weekend. What an experience! Last week, we finished up our last meeting before our summer break—a time of needed rest off the road. The church we presented at last Sunday morning voted that night to take us on for support! We are blessed and grateful to say that many of the churches we’ve visited this year have already committed to be partners with us. We are confidently trusting God that he will lead more to do the same. I am continually astounded that God keeps putting us in contact with faithful churches who are willing and interested in partnering with us. By the way, our total support number at the end of this month is 67%. Just over 2/3 of the way!

Special Request
It has been a tough time knowing how to care for and be with Sierah’s family during this season. Many of you have asked how her grandma is doing, and I want to let you know that we appreciate your care and support. As Christians, we are confident that God works everything in this world to the praise of his glory and for the good of his people (Eph. 1:11-12). It’s a beautiful hope that none in our day get to experience except for those who are in Christ. Likewise, we also look forward to a day where disease and all other curses of sin will be destroyed for good, and the last enemy to be destroyed is death (1 Cor. 15:26). Pray for our family to have wisdom and peace from God during this time.

Grace and peace,
Joe and Sierah Pliska