Life and Ministry Updates

Exciting News — Baby on the Way! 2198 2233 Joe Pliska

Exciting News — Baby on the Way!

We are excited to publicly announce that Sierah and I are expecting a little one!

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2021 Spring Update 1440 807 Joe Pliska

2021 Spring Update

Spring Update 2021 — A Busy Season from a Gracious God!
What have we been up to?

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Ordination and the Local Church 2560 1709 Joe Pliska

Ordination and the Local Church

Bishop: Is it your will that [Name] be ordained a Bishop?
People: It is.
Bishop: Will you uphold him in this ministry?
People: We will.
Bishop: In peace let us pray to the Lord.
– Anglican Book of Common Prayer

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2021 Winter Update 1023 683 Joe Pliska

2021 Winter Update

The Kindness of God and a Filling Calendar — We make plans, but God directs our steps. (Proverbs 16:9)

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