Life and Ministry Updates

2024 Mid-Spring Update 2560 1287 Joe Pliska

2024 Mid-Spring Update

“We wanted to come see you earlier, but we were hindered.”
— Paul to the Thessalonians.

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2024 Special Spring Update 2560 1710 Joe Pliska

2024 Special Spring Update

“Unto the woman he said, in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children… But she shall be saved in childbearing.”
— Gen 3:16 and 1 Tim 2:15

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2024 Winter Update 780 500 Joe Pliska

2024 Winter Update

“And when they found out, the brethren brought Saul down to Caesarea, and sent him to Tarsus.” (60 verses later…) “Then Barnabas left for Tarsus to seek Saul.”  —  Acts 9:30, 11:25

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2023 Special Fall Update 2560 1440 Joe Pliska

2023 Special Fall Update

“Had we not been deterred, we could have gone and come back twice by now.”
– Judah, Genesis 43:10

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