2022 Winter Update

2022 Winter Update

2022 Winter Update 660 424 Joe Pliska

Winter Update 2022 — Sophie, Southern, and our trip through the South

“A custom of the early church was that a Christian travelling in the interests of the gospel would look for hospitality from the local Christians in the community he was visiting.” – Commentary on 3 John 5-8

Little Sophie
It has been three months now of having little Sophie around and the adjustments that accompany her. Babies are wonderful blessings from God. We’ve had challenges trying to get adjusted to new parent life while on the road. But God has met our needs and provided us with friends and mentors to help us during this season. We are blessed. Little Sophie is healthy and growing like a champ. She has a huge smile and likes to chew on her hands. Many hours of joy have been spent watching her entertaining gestures.

Update on Seminary
This semester has been a bit hectic, but doable thus far. For those of you who have been asking, I have two classes left in my masters degree after this Spring semester. One, I can only take this summer break; the other I can only take this fall. Graduation should be this winter. I’m thankful for the opportunity to study at Southern and the open doors this has opened for us while on deputation. Further, pastors in Japan are not esteemed. Their position is seen as strange and not all that honorable compared to other “normal” things they could be doing with their time and careers. However, having a masters or doctorate-level of education can be a tool to win the ears and respect of some in Japanese society. Perhaps someday the people of Japan will better esteem these servants of Christ, not for their educational experience, but because of their character and skill in their ministry.

Travel Plans in the South
As many of you know, we were off the road for two months this past winter. We came off the road in December because Sierah’s due date was that month. Then, we took January off to get her time to recover from labor and for us to get adjusted to parenting life—as if this could be done in just a month! In hindsight, we probably needed more than a month off, but Providence has guided here. In February, we hit the road to spend about a month out in Oklahoma to continue our fundraising around Sierah’s family. We presented at a church in Indiana on the way out west, and then presented our ministry and spent time in churches in Kansas and the greater Tulsa, Oklahoma area. In March, we left Oklahoma to head down south for meetings in Kentucky, Alabama, and Florida. God is continuing connect us with new friends and churches willing to partner with our ministry.

Prayer Points
– Full-time traveling has brought its challenges, especially with a newborn.
– More meetings for 2022. (We need about 15 more churches to take us on at $200 a month).
– Visas! Japan is still not accepting missionary visas. Pray that God would move the hearts of kings.

Grace and peace,
Joe and Sierah Pliska

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