History and Statistics

About Japan

As a nation, Japan has been around since 400 AD. About 150 years later, Buddhism came over to Japan from other parts of Asia.

With the exception of a small Catholic movement in the 16th century, the nation of Japan has had nearly no Christian influence whatsoever for over 1500 years.

Today, over 127 million people live in Japan, and 98% of them identify as either Shinto or Buddhist.

Our Goals

To learn the Japanese culture and language

Learning how to live like and talk to the Japanese people must be our highest concern in our first few years, else we will have no chance of winning over their trust and their ear. To expedite this process we will be training under with missionaries, Steve and Bethany Carter, at their church in Akigawa, Tokyo.

To plant churches in Tokyo

Once that has been accomplished and we feel sufficiently trained to begin our own work in Japan, we will be partnering with the Carter’s to start a church in another part of the city of Tokyo.  We will seek to do this by evangelizing the lost and disciplining those who come to faith.

Training Japanese pastors

We will never have the same influence or trust with the Japanese people that a local, Japanese pastor will have. Because of this, we are determined to see qualified men raised up in our church plants who will take over the work, so that we can establish another work elsewhere. We believe that this philosophy is faithful to what Scripture teaches.

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