2020 Summer Update

2020 Summer Update

2020 Summer Update 1980 1320 Joe Pliska

By God’s grace, this spring, we were able to spend about four weeks in Japan before having to come home early, due to the Covid-19 situation. While we were there much of Tokyo was in lockdown; but we were able to spend a tremendous amount of time with Steve and Bethany Carter, the missionaries we will be training under during our first term. They are a sweet and Godly couple, with much to offer the Japanese people in their church and community. And the way they have sought to build gospel relationships with the unsaved people around them is an excellent modeled for Christians both in a foreign context and here in the Sates. So needless to say, we are thrilled at the prospect of working with them when we arrive in Japan in the near future!

We also had brief opportunities to speak with some of the members at Akigawa Baptist Church, but because of the lockdowns in place in Japan at the time we could not meet with them, and no church outreach opportunities were possible. 

In other news, now that many churches have started opening back up here in the states, Sierah and I have officially begun deputation! For the next two years, we plan on traveling from church to church to raise the support we need to move over to Japan as full-time missionaries. 

Please pray for us for these next couple of years that we will raise all the support we need, not just to live on but to establish our own Japanese ministry when we get there.