Japan Survey Trip

Japan Survey Trip

Japan Survey Trip 2560 2169 Joe Pliska

Dear Family and Friends, 

We trust that all is going well! We are writing this to share our big announcement with you! From the start of our relationship, we have discussed the possibility of full-time ministry, specifically in cross-cultural missions work. We both love the Lord and desire to see His name be made known among every people in every country! We’ve both taken several missions trips individually which have encouraged us in this direction. Now, as a married couple, we have prayed a lot about whether God would see fit to put us into the ministry together. Last October, we had the opportunity to go on a short trip to visit Steve and Bethany Carter, a missionary family from our church. They have been serving in Japan for over twenty years. While we were there, we got to know the missionaries better and quickly fell in love with both Japan and the people there. 

  We now have an exciting opportunity to go back to Japan for two months this upcoming spring, and our plan is to serve alongside Steve and Bethany in whatever way we can. While we are there we will be attending camp with the youth which will allow us to learn and understand more of what Christianity looks like for Japanese youth, as well as give us the opportunity to get to know other missionaries and teens. We will also be helping with church services, including Easter Sunday. This will teach us more about what conducting a church service in Japan looks like and will give us the privilege of helping in the areas of music, teaching English, working with youth, and more. Another area that we will have a part in is the annual church cookout. This is a huge outreach opportunity where we will be able to fellowship with the Japanese people for the purpose of presenting the Gospel!

Our goal is to serve the missionaries in order to gain a better understanding of what life on the mission field of Japan looks like, as well as what it would cost to live there.

As we make preparations for March, we are asking that you would partner with us in prayer. We are confident that the Lord hears and answers our prayers and we would count it a joy and help to know that you are praying for us.

We would also like to ask you to consider supporting us financially on this trip. We are aware that some of you receiving this letter have already graciously given us financial support. For that, we thank you greatly and simply want to send this letter so that you are more aware of how your gift will be used and so you can be better informed how to pray for us as we embark on this great adventure. We are seeking to raise $6,000 and have $2,000 raised so far! Whether it’s by prayer and/or financial support, we thank you for your investment!

Once we are back in the States, we will send another letter letting you know how the trip went and more about our future plans. In the meantime, if you would like regular updates on the progress of our trip and financial support, or would prefer contact by email instead of a letter, please email us (contact info provided below). Also, please feel free to reach out to us at any time with questions or encouragement. We would look forward to hearing from you while we are in Japan.